Training Weekend – 2013

The weekend of May 11th and 12th was a training weekend at FWHP for 15 members of Canadian Corps of Voyageurs and 11 local Militia Lake Superior Scottish Regiment and Thunder Bay garrison personal. The weather was wet and cold but was endured by all that attended. This event was in preparation  for Stony Greek and Fort George battle re-enactments at the end of May and first part of June.

DSCF1213 janaphoto4

See our gallery for more pictures taken over the weekend.

Voyageur Winter Carnival – Almost 500 Shots Fired!

Carnival 2013 010 Carnival 2013 009 Carnival 2013 008 Carnival 2013 007 Carnival 2013 006

The CCV was pleased, once again to participate in FWHP’s Voyageur Winter Carnival.  Our shooting booth was well attended by almost 1 out of every 10 of the over 5000 visitors to the Fort over the three days the carnival was held, February 16th to 18th, 2013.

It’s hard to find a better place to spend time in the out of doors on the Family Day Weekend.






















Besides getting to shoot a musket, guests were also invited in to the Armour’s Shop to see our display and enjoy the fire.

Carnival 2013 002 Carnival 2013 001 Carnival 2013 004 Carnival 2013 011


2013 Mess Dinner

On February 9th 2013, members of the CCV and honoured guests assembled for our (sometimes) annual Mess Dinner.  With all customs and traditions observed, procedures were followed before, during and after dinner to ensure the enjoyment of all present.

DSCF1024 (1024x395)



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Things done with intention and purpose take time, but they are worth it.  The CCV extends our thanks to all who participated.


FWHP School Programs – War of 1812

Members of the Canadian Corps of Voyageurs have a “history” of assisting FWHP staff with different school programs that focus on life at Fort William and in Upper Canada in general during the early 1800s.

School program Nov1 2012 004
Today we were pleased to help out with one of FWHP’s school programs called  “War of 1812” designed to educate the students about the daily life of a Regency period soldier.



School program Nov1 2012 007
School groups were divided into three sections and rotated through the following stations:

1.    Manual of arms and Platoon exercise.
2.    Setting up a tent and lighting a fire.
3.    A lecture about and display of the weapons and equipment of an 1812 soldier.

Here we see Bert and Russ who volunteered to do the third station.

CCV Salute

Members of the CCV are often called out for Honour Guard duty at Fort William Historical Park.  On August 14th 2012, we were called out for another VIP arrival, a Deputy Assistant Minister from the Ontario Government.

VIP Salute


Battle for Fort William – Day 2

British drill in preparation for the return of the Americans.

NWC partners continue to debate their position on whether to fight the Americans on open ground or not.  British regulars, militia and Native warriors stand by, anxiously.

American reinforcements arrive by boat and exchange fire with British on the warf.

photo courtesy FWHP

photo courtesy FWHP


photo courtesy FWHP


the battle field

The Americans, determined to gain the Fort as their prize, advance onto the field and fire upon the British.

Both side close in on each other quickly, with the British slowly gaining the upper hand.

During the battle, a tent on the British side catches fire, temporarily pushing back the voyageur militia until the fire can be extinguished.

photo courtesy FWHP


photo courtesy FWHP

The British dispense with the annoyance of the fire and continue to beat back the American assault.  Eventually the Americans realize their effort is fruitless and they offer their surrender to the British.

photo courtesy FWHP

photo courtesy FWHP

British stand by to ensure the battle is over and their casualties can be collected and brought to the surgeon.

The Americans collect their casualties and leave the field.

photo courtesy FWHP

British camp after the battle.

Cleaning muskets in the Armourer’s shop after the battle.

Still looking for more pictures?  See Day 2 Gallery post.