FWHP School Programs – War of 1812

Members of the Canadian Corps of Voyageurs have a “history” of assisting FWHP staff with different school programs that focus on life at Fort William and in Upper Canada in general during the early 1800s.

School program Nov1 2012 004
Today we were pleased to help out with one of FWHP’s school programs called  “War of 1812” designed to educate the students about the daily life of a Regency period soldier.



School program Nov1 2012 007
School groups were divided into three sections and rotated through the following stations:

1.    Manual of arms and Platoon exercise.
2.    Setting up a tent and lighting a fire.
3.    A lecture about and display of the weapons and equipment of an 1812 soldier.

Here we see Bert and Russ who volunteered to do the third station.