HMS Bounty, We Bid You Farewell

The effects of Hurricane Sandy will be felt for some time and our hearts go out to all those affected by its tragic consequences.  Of particular note to those of us in the CCV, is the loss of the HMS Bounty and potentially two of her crew.

MHS Bounty in Thunder Bay in 2010

The Canadian Corps of Voyageurs was very pleased to take part in the welcoming of the HMS Bounty during her visit here to Thunder Bay in 2010.  The modern day replica of its famous namesake, HMAV (His Majesty’s Armed Vessel) Bounty, was built in 1960 for the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty”.  Many of us are familiar to some degree with the historical account concerning the original ship and crew in Tahiti in 1789, but perhaps we are not all as familiar with the modern ship and crew.  Purchased by the HMS Bounty Organization in 2001, she was first refitted and restored to full readiness, refitted again in 2005 for her role in “Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest”, and refitted again following the movie once again as the Bounty replica.

Since 2007, HMS Bounty has served as a living museum, focussed on teaching the nearly lost arts of square rigged sailing and seamanship.  As a working 18th century square rigger, she travelled extensively from one event to another and was on her way “home” to St. Petersburg, Florida to provide dockside tours scheduled in early November.  Working her way around Hurricane Sandy proved fateful and she succumbed to the winds and the waves early Monday morning and sank off the North Carolina coast.  Fourteen of the sixteen crew members were saved.  Captain Robin Walbridge remains missing as of the writing of this post and crew member Claudene Christian has died as a result of her injuries.  We mourn their loss.