Thunder Bay Welcomes HMCS Ville de Quebec

Thunder Bay is fortunate this year to be included in the Royal Canadian Navy’s Great Lakes Deployment, a tour of fourteen Canadian and U.S. cities.  Members of the Canadian Corps of Voyageurs were honoured to join staff from Fort William Historical Park, as well as numerous representatives from the City of Thunder Bay, Fort William First Nation and local Canadian Forces staff in welcoming the arrival of the Ville de Quebec (VDQ) the morning of Wednesday August 15th 2012.

CCV salute

The crew of the VDQ favoured us all with a single shot from their ceremonial gun, answered by members of the CCV Honour Guard and FWHP Canon Crew.

VDQ and Fort staff exchange ceremonial fire

The VDQ will be in port for 5 days and tours of the ship will be available.  We encourage anyone who can spare the time to come down to Pool 6 and see the VDQ – it is an experience.

Once the crew of the VDQ was officially welcomed by FWFN and City of Thunder Bay, those in attendance were afforded the opportunity of a guided tour.  This is just one of the benefits of being a member of the CCV as we often get to take part in events ahead of the general public.



CCV Salute

Members of the CCV are often called out for Honour Guard duty at Fort William Historical Park.  On August 14th 2012, we were called out for another VIP arrival, a Deputy Assistant Minister from the Ontario Government.

VIP Salute